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Old headquater for the danish postservices is transformed into hotel

Refurbishment and conversion of 25.400 m2 of French inspired New Baroque building

ProjectPost Hotel
AddressTietgensgade 1069 København K
ClientBygherre Strawberry Brothers /Nordic Hotels & Resor
ConsultancyFull-service consultancy
ContractTotal Contract
Area254000 m2

The Norwegian property developer Petter A. Stordalen, who, amongst other projects, are behind the hotel chain Nordic Choice Hotels, will transform the historic Post Office into a luxury hotel. The buillding in question where build in 1912 by the Post and Telegraph Service, centrally located in Copenhagen, surrounded by Tietgensgade, Bernstorffsgade, the railway train at Vesterbro and close to Copenhagen Central Station.

The building is built in a French inspired New Baroque style and designed by DSB architect Heinrich Wenck, who also designed the Copenhagen Central Station. The headquarter was built between 1909 and 1912 and opened on September 22nd, 1912. The building upholds a high preservation.

The historic building is now facing a new chapter, transforming the 25,400m2 into a luxury hotel with aprox. 400 rooms. The hotel becomes a free-standing hotel in line with, for example, Hotel Skt. Petri in the inner city and will turn to quality conscious businessmen and tourists. The hotel has about 400 rooms spread over five floors, and guests will have access to both conference facilities, wellness and five different restaurant and bar concepts. The project will be handed over to the developer by the end of 2019.

New neighborhood in town

The hotel becomes part of a new neighborhood in the city called Postgrunden with Copenhagen Central Station and the water as its closest neighbours. The area will consist of a new green connection of bicycle routes, open spaces, walkways and roof gardens – from Copenhagen H and along the water to Dybbølsbro, in a mix of business, housing and, not least, hotel.


The role of AB Clausen

Once the large construction project has been completed and the iconic building has been transformed into one of Denmark’s largest hotels, AB Clausen has contributed by upholding the responsibility for the structural design and engineering.

The work includes everything from an initial concept of all future bearing constructions, main project containing project bases, static calculations, constructive demolition, temporary stiffening and engineering projects coordinated with ongoing work on the neighboring ground. The project is being carried out in close collaboration with the full-service consultant team and contractor.