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AB Clausen A/S - Consulting Engineers establishes in Latvia

AB Clausen A/S - Consulting Engineers has a stated vision of being the construction industry's preferred partner for load-bearing structures and with the employment of experienced competence profiles and a staff of 42, the company is well on its way. Now the company is established in Latvia under the name AB Clausen Latvia SIA

AB Clausen Latvia SIA

AB Clausen Latvia is already in operation but now officially inaugurates. Managing Director Ammar Al-Temimi elaborates on the motivation behind the internationalization: “It is a strengthening of our business that AB Clausen now has activities in Latvia. The Baltic countries are in a positive development, supported by the fact that the building industry is a fast growing market. We have experienced increased demand for our services in Latvia, among other things, based on Danish suppliers and architects’ activities in the area. I have high hopes for AB Clausen Latvia, “says Ammar Al-Temimi.

AB Clausen Latvia has a physical address in Riga and is run daily by Office Manager and Civil Engineer Arthurs Veiss and two employees. Arthur Veiss has +10 years of experience as engineer and affiliation to Denmark as the wrote his master thesis at Technical University in Copenhagen. Riga, with its approx. 700,000 inhabitants are the largest city in the Baltic Countries and have many things in common with Copenhagen with its many architectural styles. Worth mentioning is the fact that Riga may be the unofficial Capital-city in Europe within the Art Nouveau architecture and, in contrast to many German cities where the industrial boom brought massive construction, Riga’s buildings came relatively unharmed through World War II.

The most skilled employees

The office location in Riga is selected due to a proximity to the University of Riga, thus supporting AB Clausen’s vision of being a first mover within research and development. The building industry is often blamed for not being innovative enough. AB Clausen constantly seeks to optimize our knowledge, hence an immediate proximity to educational institutions makes sense for our new department in Latvia, explains Ammar Al-Temimi.



A proximity to research and development are essential

Office Manager for AB Clausen Latvia, Arthurs Veiss outlines: “We have a vision to deliver world class structural design to a competitive market price. To succeed in doing so, we need to continuously optimize our procedures and processes accordingly. A proximity to research and development are essential in reaching this goal.”

If we want to fulfill our mission of being the best in structural design, it requires that we get the best intellects from all over the world

A major reason for internationalization also means that we want to get broader and thus gain access to a larger population of construction engineers, explains the CEO and continues: “To succeed in our mission to become world class within load bearing structures, we need the smartest intellects. These are found not only in Denmark but worldwide. In AB Clausen we do not know the borders, we make structural design and this model can be applied all over the world. Our business model as specialists is universal and therefore relatively easy to mobilize elsewhere in the world. If we want to fulfill our mission of being the best in structural design, it requires that we get the best intellects from all over the world. With AB Clausen Latvia, we are well off “.


No changes in the Danish department

Focus on the danish market

Ammar Al-Temimi emphasizes that the establishment of AB Clausen Latvia will not have any impact on the Danish department. “We will continue to concentrate on our Danish department and the Danish market as our primary focus area. We maintain our current set-up and look forward to experience what our two departments will bring to the table in terms of synergy in the long run.

Questions to Head of Department in AB Clausen Latvia Arthurs Veiss is addressed to or telephone +371 26837378. Questions to CEO Ammar Al-Temimi are addressed to