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We believe that a professional focus and specialization creates added value for our customers!

At AB Clausen, we work as independent consultants, and we are known among our customers and partners for our sense of high quality. Our consultancy is a combination of high professionalism, competitive prices and high level of service to our customers and business partners. We have one of the best combination of price and quality on the market. We are inspired by trimmed building production, where we standardize and process optimize routine tasks, so we can use forces where it creates the most value. Thus, we deliver better quality, faster and at a highly competitive price. We have a long and established track record of delivering complex projects within budget and on time, and this is something that we take pride in and monitor vigorously during all stages of the project.

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Focused design-led structural engineers

Our team consists of 40 design-led structural engineers who have up to +40 years of experience in civil engineering and a background within craftsmanship up to 10 years. AB Clausen has a flat, organic organizational structure, that nourishes a close cooperation between management and employees and we support that all employees have influence in decision making. We believe that the road to a healthy business goes through satisfied employees and customers. The business logic forms the basis for AB Clausen’s philosophy.


AB Clausen is specialized within structural design and we know by experience that a professional focus and specialization creates added value for our customers. We believe that specialization and competence based consultancy creates the best results within the respective fields, and through a collaboration with AB Clausen ours clients are guaranteed the most competent solutions.

A sustainable concept

A competence-based approach to construction projects has proved to be a sustainable concept. Inspired by larger countries such as Germany and England, there are numerous examples of large civil engineering firms that are 100% specialized within their respective fields, delivering projects in collaboration with other specialists. For exampple AKT II, a design-led structural engineering firm has, for several years in a row, been nomintated as one of the top 5 structural engineers that architects want to work with, because they receive quality and building solutions that have been developed by professional specialists. – The best in the field. This is a model AB Clausen is inspired by and continuously seeking to optimize, with the goal of offering the best advice available on the market.

We achieve success time and again by ensuring that we understand the wider client goals and we work with all members of the consulting team to make these happen. Our approach is always to fully engage with all parts of the team, assisting them in achieving their own targets whilst, at the same time, focusing on our own areas. Our project manager is responsible for the entire project management and handles all communication with the client, to ensure an aligned and efficient communication channe

Your safety

Our partners must be able to sleep well during the night, and here you can read more about AB Clausens quality assurance (link). AB Clausen is a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers (FRI), and we have taken out liability insurance through TRYG Insurance. AB Clausen’s insurance covers DKK 25,000,000 in case of personal injury and DKK 5,000,000 in case of property damage and / or loss. The maximum amount of personal injury, property damage and / or loss for which AB Clausen is liable for damages is limited accordingly. If you want more coverage, special project liability insurance can be signed. This is usually only necessary for large projects. This means that all our projects are covered by this insurance. So when you choose us as an advisory engineer, your construction project is in safe hands.

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