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  • We believe that a professional focus creates added value for our customers!

  • It’s all about trust

    - That’s why we only do what we do best!

  • Passionate, design-led structural and civil engineering firm

About us

AB Clausen A/S - Consulting Engineers is a progressive, design-led structural and civil engineering firm, with current and complete projects primarily in Denmark but also worldwide. Our engineering team comprises approximately 42 staff members

AB Clausen has a flat, organic organisational structure

  • that there is a short distance between employee and management
  • everybody have influence on decisions and directions for the firm
  • knowledgesharing and learning happens on the basis of mutual benefit and involvement

On each project all members of the team are encouraged to adopt a proactive attitude toward solving problems both within and outside our specific areas of responsibility, for the civil and structural aspects of the project.

We have a thorough and controlled internal management approach which ensures our high quality and added value to our clients. Alongside we prioritize a flexible team structure, where the topical engineer can be positioned according to our needs. This ensures the flexibility required to respond to the variations in workload that are commonplace in the industry and encourages a free flow of ideas – empowering all our staff, from graduate engineers to management.

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We believe that a professional focus and specialization creates added value for our customers

It’s all about trust

– That’s why we only do what we do best!

We are passionate about structural design

At AB Clausen, we work as independent consultants, and we are known among our customers and partners for our sense of high quality. Our consultancy is a combination of high professionalism, competitive prices and high level of service to our customers and business partners. We have one of the best combination of price and quality on the market. We are inspired by trimmed building production, where we standardize and process optimize routine tasks, so we can use forces where it creates the most value. Thus, we deliver better quality, faster and at a highly competitive price. We have a long and established track record of delivering complex projects within budget and on time, and this is something that we take pride in and monitor vigorously during all stages of the project.

Thomas Hjort Madsen

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