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    AB Clausen creates sustainable solutions in the field of structural design. We are proud to call ourselves Denmark’s largest specialized engineering house focused on structural design.

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    AB Clausen has many years of experience in providing engineering consultancy to private households. We are specialists in static calculations and assist you through your building process.

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Passionate and progressive design-led structural engineering firm

AB Clausen A/S is a progressive, design-led structural engineering danish firm, with strong core values and competent employees. Our experience is extensive, covering the residential, retail, leisure, educational, health, industrial, hotels and other sectors of the market. Projects range from large newbuild developments to complicated refurbishments of listed buildings, with contract values ranging from DKK 5000 to over DKK 1 billion. We are confident in working with a wide range of methods and materials including structural steel and other metals, concrete, structural timber, alloys, masonry, plastics, glass, composites and tensile fabrics

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AB Clausen A/S - Consulting Engineers establishes in Latvia

AB Clausen A/S – Consulting Engineers establishes in Latvia

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AB Clausen A/S - Consulting Engineers

Progressive, design-led structural and civil engineering firm